Saturday, June 15, 2013


Somebody look at Josh Reddick. Please. 

Swisher: Baseball or Faceball?

For whatever it's worth: I think the Yankees should acquire Josh Reddick, shave him and waive him. The one-day shave and waive.


Anonymous said...

So, the idiot at the Bronx Goblin wants a dress code? May I remind the Bronx Goblin that El Duque wrote a piece advocating that Yankee players grow beards. Check it out. It is on this blog. Have you seen the Yankee lineup? Have you counted the strikeouts? And you want me to fret over the archaic facial stubble sprouting on the face of an ex-Red Sox player? If Reddick is starving for attention, the Bronx Gopher, or Goblin, or whatever he (it) is, is starving for viable journalistic fodder.

Anonymous said...

And again, that pesky and judgmental Bronx Goblin takes pomposity to a new level. Now he trashes Swish for engaging his fan base. Well, Bronx Goofball, or Gopher, or Goblin, would you prefer Swisher have the attitude of, say, Ty Cobb? Or that baseball great who used to exercise his anti-semitic impulses by giving Nazi salutes to the crowd? Get off Swisher's back. He's from Ohio. He likes to have fun. If the Bronx Goblin is so worried about players that are under contract to other teams, why doesn't he start a blog about those teams? I'm a Yankee fan. I have got more pressing YANKEE issues to deal with than Reddick's beard or Swisher's Facebook account. Bronx Garble, maybe.