Friday, June 28, 2013

Chien-Ming Wang, yin-yang Yanked? What went so way Wang wrong?

Last night, something went Wangy in the universal time and space Yankee matrix.


No, that was not a YES Classic maiden voyage of Colter Bean. It was the comeback by Chien-Ming Wang - the Yankee cloaked in Blue Jays garb - which went blooey in the shadows of Boston Strong testosterone. After a one-two-three first inning, the Wang Man couldn't throw strikes or miss bat meat in the second.

I don't know what this means. I. Do. Not. Know. What. This. Means.

But I've dashed off, higgetty piggetty, some thoughts:

a.) I was rooting for Wang. I think all Yankee fans were, especially when pitching against Boston. Wang was a great homegrown pitcher, and we all felt pain watching him lift Toronto from the depths of hell.

b) He can't have many more starts like this. Nothing deflates a team like a two-inning blowout in game one of a big series. We certainly know. Personally, I still fear Toronto more than Boston. Jose Reyes might ignite the Jays the way Alex Rodriguez or even Derek Jeter cannot in NY.

c) Boston just keeps rolling; it's as if the juju gods are in their pocket. Fortunately, it's June - still too early to forget the Yankees and just root for Big Papi to stub his toe on Pedroia. That will come in September.

d) Could this mean - gasp - that Chien-Ming gets a second act in New York? Yes, this is fantasy land. But the Jays won't give him a long leash. If he gets whacked, they'll dump his act faster than you can say Thomas Neal. Maybe the Yankees would bring him home - (unless they're mad at him). Who knows? Could he pitch out of the bullpen? One final Chien-Ming fling? Hideki Matsui made it back. The Wangster should, too.

Come home, Chien-Ming: You were never meant to be a Jay.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was a big fan of his, BUT, he was 1-3 in the post season....who was wearing his uniform when Cleveland beat him twice in 2007?

Moneyplays said...

Time to let the Wangster go Duque. Yes we all loved him but it's over. The one thing the Yankees do have is plenty of starting pitching.