Sunday, June 16, 2013

Victory! (I think)

Excuse me, but I need to soak my head in a bucket of ice water.

We held on - fingers to chalkboard - to beat the Los Angeles, California, Angels of Anaheim, basically because they ran out of young players in the ninth inning, and had to send up old Albert Pujols, who is practically as ancient as Mariano.

I worry when balls keep dunking in against Mo. That's what happened. Nobody hit him hard, but he couldn't get them out, either.

So we return home with a victory but no certain 1B, facing a divisional race that will go down to the wire.

If Teixeira is done for the year - and who are we kidding? considering our luck, of course, he is! - I have a plan to save the Yankees.

I will elaborate tomorrow. The bucket of ice water is ready.


Mustang said...

Today we learned that this team of Yankees is so ineffectual they can't even lose when that's what they're clearly trying to do.

John M said...
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John M said...

"New York is without injured regulars Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and Kevin Youkilis, but got offense from less likely sources in the series finale. Nix had three hits, while Hafner's two-out shot ended his 0-for-23 skid for the Yankees, who hadn't scored more than four runs in eight straight games before doing it in the third inning alone at Angel Stadium."

Is there any way at all we can keep the old guys who suck off the field?

And Ichiro had another stolen base.

Come back, Jeter. We need you. Briggy is hitting a cool .100.

New York Yankees
Hitters AB R H
B Gardner CF 4 1 2
I Suzuki RF 2 0 0
R Cano 2B 4 1 1
T Hafner DH 3 1 1
V Wells LF 3 1 1
L Overbay 1B 4 1 1
J Nix 3B 4 0 3
R Brignac SS 4 0 0
C Stewart C 3 1 0

KD said...

How can ARod and Youkilis BOTH be called "regulars"?