Saturday, June 22, 2013

Curse of Wang continues today?

Chien-Ming Wang, the Yankee China Yin-Yang, pitches for the streaking Blue Jays this afternoon.

He. Should. Be. A. Yankee.

We all know this. Everybody knows it. There is no doubt. There is no debate. It's obvious. It's painfully clear.

He. Should. Be. A. Yankee.

Since the moment we let him go, our juju hasn't been worth a fart. Everybody can see it. If they're not talking about it, it's only because they know it.

He. Should. Be. A. Yankee.


Anonymous said...

Now bad will the juju be when ESPN fires John? The only salvation would be if he gets Bob Sheppards job as a consolation.

Curt "The Catsup Sock" Schilling said...

As long as ESPN doesn't fire ME! I'm broke, ugly, overweight, a Red Sox, a con-man, arrogant, and spent most of my time in the clubhouse drinking beer, eating cold fried chicken, and telling Tito to kiss my enormous ass. Thank you ESPN and most of all, thank you the taxpayers of Massachusetts!

Jim Bakker and all the Yankee fans at Morningside said...

Tammy Faye pays tribute to Chien-Ming Wang!