Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Chaos, we have reached our quota; Uncertainty, thy name's Kuroda."

From the archives of 2012: 

Hiroki Kuroda: The Poem

From Binghamton to Sarasota
We Yankee fans mix gin with soda.
Chaos, we have reached our quota.
Uncertainty, thy name’s Kuroda.

One day he could strike out Yogi.
Next day, he’s a double-bogey.
Every night, it’s karaoke.
Who is this guy, our boy Hiroki?

Perhaps some wise, old pitching Yoda
Knows why he can’t beat Minnesota,
Then laps the Mets in his Toyota.
Uncertainty, thy name’s Kuroda.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I am sitting high in my pagoda,
Watching Ellen and sipping cream soda,
Wondering why El Duque left out Manny Mota,
And our good NY friend, Ron Swoboda.

el duque said...

Or Brian Roberts, nicknamed "Cokie?
And Thor the Mighty's brother, Loki,
Those Nazis marching back in Skogie,
Chaos, yes, thy name's Hiroki.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

And even Reese, who went by Pokey,
and ol' Joe Wood, our favorite Smokey,
but back to this flailing guy, Hiroki,
If he flushes another game, I'll choke.


el duque said...

Two nights ago, t'wuz okie-dokie.
Again, there's hope for old Hiroki.