Friday, May 2, 2014


C'mon, folks.  Wake up and stop dreaming the dream.

This $400 million band-aid will fail just as every recent attempt at covering up for a failed scouting system, a failed player evaluation system, and a failed player development system have failed.

Cashman figured he could mask all of that by purchasing players who were, once upon a time, well scouted, well assessed and well developed.  And if they were old, who would really notice?  To most adults, 35 years old is young.  If injuries wound the team, well that's baseball.  No one can blame injuries on Cashman.

I don't believe we can count on the Yankees doing the right thing when the apocalypse hits.  Soon, we'll drift to .500.  Probably this week-end.  That cannot be a surprise.  Anyone who thought this team would make a run for the roses was dreaming.

It is not easy for Mr. Cashman to admit that he blew $400 million, and a few more years of player development, on yet another non competitive team.  So he will take the guys whom El Duque thinks are " developing on the farm" and dump them for another old warrior.  For sure.

Here is the reality;  Cashman has been awful for 10 years now.  And no one has done anything about it.  Until he is gone, and we hire a winner who knows you have to develop a core of home grown players to win and sustain excellence, this team is garbage and its future is worse.  Think; Ukraine.

Truly, a year or so ago we imagined that Cashman and his entire scouting and player development apparatus would be scrapped.  Everyone saw the Red Sox go from worst to best in a single season.  And it was clear how they did it.

We did the opposite.

Cashman has to go or we do.


el duque said...

I'm stayin'.

ceeja said...

I'm ok with them throwing money around to buy talent in the short run so long as they are doing something to address their underlying lack of a farm system. Cashman should have been fired years ago. We need to empower new management to be creative and aggressive in developing new talent. And we need to give them a 5 year period to do so. Cashman has had 15 years.

John M said...

I, sadly, agree.

bennyboy said...