Thursday, May 1, 2014

Note To Research Staff : Please look Further

It is one thing to assess and argue about who our next pitching staff members will be, but we have another problem.

With only a handful of old, average pitchers available in our " farm system," the Yankees are going to have to score a lot of runs to win games.  Two or three runs per game for our side is a guaranteed loss.

At the moment, we have one of the lowest averages in the AL East with RISP.  No one is getting the big hits ( maybe Ichiro ).  Our bangers are not banging.  That short porch in right field is helping the visiting teams, but not our strapping lefty hitters.  We are again seeing a lot of averages in the .230's.  And, just for fun, how many times this season have we come from behind in the late innings to win?

So please tell us what horsepower we can look forward to adding from Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams and the like.  I know we left Almonte in AAA to rot, and I assume that is going according to plan ( i.e.  he is likely hitting .250 with no power ).

But what, realistically, have we got?  Who can help?  How about all those Dante Bichette's, the Notre Dame guy from last year, and another famous first-rounder:  the (no longer) switch-hitting Cito?

Aha.  I think that may be our problem  We have too many switch hitters who can't hit either way.

Do we have to trade Pineda back for Jesus?

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