Friday, May 2, 2014

Rejected names for the "Buck Foston" bar

Pig Bappi's
Sheet Pit, Edroia
Sedrocks Ruck
Wed Tilliams' Hozen Fred

(You know, this is easy to do and quite fulfilling. I think we should all spend the rest of the weekend just switching consonants. What a treat!)

(Secondary note: I actually have a problem with the name "Buck Foston." I like the idea that it's a Yankee bar, but we should not give the Redsocks that kind of cred. In the 1990s, before the tectonic plates shifted and the Curse was blown, the most fun we had was watching Redsock fans go into rages about us. Now, I hate to think that we're the ones stomping our feet, trying to get their attention.)


manx said...
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manx said...

It's the 12th inning and John is in the Sunoco Broadcast Booth and Suzyn is announcing from the 3rd Base Camera Well. She's really upbeat about calling the action down from "Joe Madden's view".

I deleted my previous comment because I typo'd 13th inning. Let's hope Warren can get out of this and John can go crazy in the bottom of the 12th.

KD said...

HaHa! we know this guy!!