Friday, April 18, 2014

Hangover Trouble

I received the JU-JU rallying cry this morning to continue doing exactly what we have been doing to continue the win streak.  And we all know that this is not a request, not a suggestion, but a command.

Last night, as I watched the Yanks, I was enjoying cocktails laced primarily with ice, crown royal, a twist of lemon and a splash of seltzer.  I had sautéed some raw cashews in hot oil and sea salt spiked with the infamous, " ghost chili pepper."

Needless to say, between the yanks success, the cashews and the cocktails, I was in fine spirits. The thing is, in a high scoring game, one can consume a lot of salty nuts in nine innings.   And with the added spice of that spiked sea salt, I needed to drink a lot of cold liquid.  So, 3/4 of a bottle later ( I maintain that a fifth is no longer a fifth), I found myself feeling zero pain, but needing a lot of rest.

Today, I am moving slowly and cautiously.  The prospect of repeating the same ritual tonight present a huge dilemma;

Do I begin drinking with YES's batting practice coverage at 6pm, or wait until the first pitch?


JM said...

I, too, am moving very carefully today for the same reason. Unfortunately, I had begun imbibing fairly early, and by game time had completely forgotten there was a baseball team in New York, in either league. So I missed the carnage inflicted on the Rays.

A cautionary tale for younger readers.

ceeja said...

As noted by El Duque, we do need to continue to complain about this team.

I was amused to switch between the Tampa Bay and New York radio station calls of the game. The Tampa announcers noted time and again Jeter's painful lack of range, and the commentary verged on the surly. Suzyn Waldman, on the other hand, blathered on about how the cagey old shortstop always positioned himself so perfectly -- which is why he never seems to have to range very far to catch a ball. Obviously, the truth is somewhere between these two ridiculous extremes.

Another howler on the Yankee broadcast was Suzyn's passionate rants about Solarte's presence of mind in making that triple play. Look, I love the kid, but not much thought or skill went into that play. It was simply a once-in-a-lifetime tailor made triple play.

Also, why are all these post-game interviews about "how to you feel"? Do you really care how they feel? Is there any subtlety in the joy one takes when everything is going right? To use El Duque's metaphor, I want to know more about the field of nipples, not how you feel about the field of nipples.

Stang said...

Whether she's doing post-game interviews, getting the clubhouse scoop, or calling the game with John, how Yankees feel is Suzyn's primary beat.

Areola said...

Get along boys, nothing to see here.

Stang said...


If you started drinking with the pregame yesterday, I think you know what you need to do tonight.

Parson Tom said...

yes, Alphonso must repeat every step, until only a quarter bottle remains, including cashews cooked in hot oil and sea salt. take one -- another one -- for the team.

Alphonso said...

I will so do. Many thanks

Luckily, I bought a case of Crown Royal today, at Costco's

el duque said...

It's 6 p.m. If you're not drunk by now, we've lost this game, and it's on you.