Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tomorrow Is Easter. Can We Rise From The Dead?

These last two days are beginning to resemble the season many of us expected, due to an aging franchise with no young talent anywhere.  And we saw some signs of failure even when taking two from the Cubs, as we left too many " ducks on the pond."

I thought the emergence of Solarte might have dispelled that concern about no, high ceiling young prospects, but we are seeing a total collapse right now.

As they say in the Bible; " the wheels are coming off the fucking bus!"

Is this because we traded Jesus?

We'll learn tomorrow if Tanaka is as good as we hope.



Stang said...

Actually, Fonz, we'll learn tomorrow if Vidal Nuno is as good as we hope. The rotation's messed up because this previous week's rainout/double header would have sent Tanaka out out tomorrow on short rest.

This rotation update is brought to you by B.F. Goodrich. B.F. Goodrich, America's Tires.

Arnold said...

Last night was the Yankees' Götterdämmerung. There may be a few staggering feints of life, but this was the death knell of this season, perhaps of this franchise.

The soft inner rot of the whole enterprise was there for all to see last night--erratic, sparse young talent; fading older stars who cannot catch up to a 95 MPH fastball; a pinched, scapegoating, cold manager who is about to lose his players.

Welcome to 1965--welcome to hell.

Baseball hell in not an inferno; it is a dank, cold cellar.

Alphonso said...

Thank you Mustang. I did miss a few details in my 2 day stupor.