Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy


JM said...

Those walks by Tex...good thing, but wasn't there someone who occasionally throws pointed barbs at people around here saying that Tex shouldn't bunt against the shift or do anything else because his value was totally in his power numbers?

What happens when he has no power numbers?

Tex Message said...

Speaking of Tex, was anyone listening to The Master just now?

I was kind of only half-listening, but tuned in as Tex was batting just now.

John: "Tex... is fond of sending me checks... (Pause) Not in regards to baseball, or Mark Texeira of course."

I'm confused. Who is sending John checks? And is fond of doing so?

Anonymous said...

John Ryan sends one flyin'!

manx said...

"The whole town's talking bout the Jones girl. The Jones girl."

We'll be hearing from the Jones girl soon on Yankees postgame as Sweeny has the day and Kim Jones will be filling in.

Mike Francesa said...

I like Jones and Murokovits.

Stang said...

There’s an oil man known as Tex
Who is keen to give me checks.
And his checks, I fear, means that sex is here to stay.
But I’m always true to you, darlin’, in my fashion
Yes, I’m always true to you, darlin’, in my way.

Cole Porter