Friday, April 25, 2014

WHY WE FIGHT: Lords of Fenway Try to Freeze John & Suzyn Out

As fans who checked out YES and the radio broadcast know, and Manx reported in the comments:
Can you believe the window at Fenway that the Sunoco Broadcast Booth has to deal with tonight. Every other broadcast booth has their windows shut tonight, but the Sunoco Broadcast Booth is slightly open because it is a mess. John is borrowing Michael Kay's overcoat tonight due to the cold weather and their window being open cause you can't see a thing out of it. Are the Red Sox being cheap or trying to mess with the Master.


Alphonso said...

In truth, Mustang, the fact that John could see nothing out of the window is little different from his normal circumstance, where he doesn't watch the game he is calling.

It was more a problem for Suzyn, whose job it is to bring facts to John's ranting.

That's why we honor them with our blog.

They do a difficult job, covering a sport that is not predictable.

Anonymous said...

I think just this past weekend, John admitted that he is "not often right." The game had just ended so Suzyn was not in the booth to comment.

Suzyn's Bitch said...

No respect!