Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Listless, Miserable Loss Last Night. Rain Today.

Yankee stadium is awash in mud, rain, and concern.

More and more Yankees are injuring themselves while playing catch or gin rummy.  Now Pineda has a shoulder muscle under duress.  Hmmmm.  Related to surgical arm?  Carl Pavano anyone?

Is this my prediction coming true?  That Pineda will never pitch for the Yankees ( if I am off by only a handful of starts over a career, I am not wrong ).

Nova is gone.  Phellps and Nūno as 4th and 5th in the rotation?  Three no names ( including Leroux ….the more I read, the more there is no reason to be high on his prospects….) in the bull pen?

Ellsbury ( by far our best player ) with something " barking " already.

Soriano a total embarrassment.  The one guy whom you don't want to see hitting in a clutch situation, if you are a Yankee fan.  Strike outs, flailing in the dirt.  Or hard smacked perfect double play balls.  His failures are becoming predictable.

Jerter with no speed and limited range. And behind him a bag of .127 hitters.

Our sand bag walls are decaying and slipping.  The call to the national guard has been issued, but we are "on hold."

Soon, I fear, the flood we have all anticipated.

A few more walls crumble, and the torrent overwhelms.


KD said...

A week ago I was conversing with a redsock fan in my office and I told him how much I admired Ellsbury. He replied “Enjoy it while you can. He’ll be injured soon enough.”

The Yankee apocalypse will come early this year.

JM said...

This year is quickly becoming last year with an extra $400 million or so tacked on for a couple of long-term contract bombs.

Remember how all the experts and pundits and other assorted wizards said that we were so much improved offensively with McCann and Beltran and Ellsbury and Tex coming back?

Remember how we thought we might have one of the best starting rotations around until 40% of it hit the skids and are gone for the season (Pineda is a throw-in there) and Kuroda lost his slider?

Remember how smart we seemed by using the overshift so much because Girardi's little black binder said it was a great idea, until other teams did what we never do, and go the other way, bunt the other way, and otherwise make us look like complete morons?

Remember when Ichiro was dead weight and just taking up space until he turned out to have the highest batting average on the team at .357?

So many memories. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see Jeter in a clutch situation, unless you want to see a groundball (possible DP), lazy fly to right, or strike 3 called and a comment to the ump.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you anonymous

Ken of Brooklyn said...

UURRGGG> Absolutely agree with everyone,,,, except the 2nd Anonymous, unless he or she is using Nu-Juju on themselves.