Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"I love Cano." Last night's angry boil of the crowd prompted John Sterling to make a declaration seldom heard in the booth

Most people in baseball will tell you John Sterling is the ultimate homer announcer. (Ken Harrelson has him beat by a light year, but that's for another time.) But last night, The Master said something about an opposing player that will probably not be heard again in his career. As the crowd vomited boos upon Robbie Cano - seeming to catch John and Suzyn Waldman by surprise - the Radio Voice of the New York Yankees felt compelled to speak his heart:

"I love Cano."

It's been said that there is no greater love in this world than what a moose once bestowed upon a flying squirrel. Today, we know otherwise.


Alejandro said...

Sterling, in his fatuous commentary before and during the game, manages to have it ever which way: scolding hoi polloi for failing to understand that it's a business, players try to maximize their income, etc., while then turning on his heel, crooking his knee to Yankee management by scolding Cano for not having accepted $65 million less from the Yankees.

As George Costanza once put it, he just checked at the jerkstore, and they're missing a Sterling.

KD said...

John can take both sides of an argument and often does. He is without peer, just like the Captain himself!