Friday, April 18, 2014

6-6-6: All we need to do is win SIX STRAIGHT, and we practically clinch this thing

Project SIX IN A ROW. 
Man your Juju posts, everybody.
One at a time...


joe de pastry said...

The 2013 Yankees were also 10-6 after sixteen games. In their thrilling game sixteen extra inning victory over Toronto, Vernon Wells had 3 hits, including his 5th HR, to raise his batting average to .310.

Parson Tom said...

Joe, baby! That hurts.

Parson Tom said...

I don't think many of us come back to these older posts to review the comments, but I do want to go on record here and now to indict none other than joe de pastry for his pessimism.

everybody on this site was excited about a five game winning streak and dominant pitching performance, but ol'joe had to throw in the comparison with last year's hot start featuring Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner. And what do we get? the two worst, most soul-sucking defeats of the season, consecutively.

where's your juju, joe?