Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Sox epic 1986 collapse to be relived as part of Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary Weekend

Yes, folks, The Baseball Project is coming to Cooperstown. They'll be there Aug. 1, the weekend of the Hall's 75th anniversary celebration (and the concert is at a brewery ... even better).

TBP is a great band -- just listen to their stuff, and you'll be hooked.

Hopefully, during their upcoming concert, they will play "Buckner's Bolero," which describes how excruciatingly close the Red Sox were to winning in 1986 before tanking. Must be hell for a redsock fan to listen to. Brings a smile to my face every time.


el duque said...

I love these guys. Who's going with me?

BernBabyBern said...

I'm in, dude. Seriously.