Monday, April 14, 2014

And Now It's Time for "Name That Player"

Today's quote is a pip, and I don't mean Wally.

It's from our AL Player of the Week, Carlos Beltran, who said:

“_______ is a great outfielder, and here, with so many outfielders on the team, it’s unbelievable that he’s not playing [every day] like he normally does in the outfield. But today, he made a great catch and I was happy for him.”

OK, for the Grand Prize –- a trip to Scranton-JohnWilkesBooth-BarretenderGetMeADrink sometime next January -- Name That Player!



All right, I'll give you a hint.

Last year, he had a fielding percentage of 


OK, another hint. While most of the Yankee bats folded like wet cardboard against the Tigers in the 2012 playoffs, he hit .353 in those four games. (Yes, he only hit .217 against the Orioles, but we had 
that series in the bag.)


Last try. In 2013, he hit .321 against left-handed pitchers in 81 games, and .297 overall at Yankee Stadium.

The clock is running out...


Sorry panel, I'm going to flip all of the cards now, which means $50 for our guest.
Take off your blindfolds...

...and say hello to today's Name That Player
mystery man, Ichiro "Small Sample" Suzuki! From everyone at Revlon, good night!

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Glaucon said...

And an abysmal 2013 OPS of .639, the lowest of his career and the lowest among qualifying AL outfielders, and a WAR of 0.8--not even a full game above an average replacement-level player. YIPPEE! Another overpriced geriatric dud whose overall performance SUCKS--by the yardsticks used by real-life GMs to measure real effectiveness on the field. And, of course, that's a large, meaningful sample size, which I realize tells us nothing compared to the aberrant zigs and zags of a mere two weeks of play.