Monday, April 28, 2014

Faint ember, still glowing slightly: Could the Mariners still win the Jesus-Pineda trade?

He's a 24-year-old first-baseman at Triple A.


JM said...

24 is pretty young. Solarte didn't hit his stride until 26, assuming of course that he is hitting his stride this year.

Parson Tom said...

Define "win." I mean, are we talking about the best baseball player -- slight advantage to Pineda right now, although Jesus is clearly showing signs of promise in Tacoma -- or do we win if our guy is less of knucklehead? Right now, I give that advantage to Pineda, by one or two belt notches.

Both have shown excessive enthusiasm for food as well as illegal performance enhancing substances, but Pineda's suspension while more recent was only 10 games vs. 50 for Jesus.

Cue the 8-second win warble: The Yankees Win!!!

Alphonso said...

Is he using pine tar on his bat?