Friday, April 18, 2014

Prospective new members of the X-Men

Professor XXX
The ArchAnal
The Grope


Larry Craig said...


Mike said...

Possible Subtitle: "how to disgust a long-time fan of your blog immediately".

I have two of your books on one or another of my shelves. I loved reading and thinking about them and looked forward to reading (and thinking about) them again.

No more...unless you got hacked by someone who thought joking about possible pedophilia was funny while you are off on another jaunt to Norway or Tibet or someplace. It's possible.

I started this almost certain that I'd missed something; that the exalted Duque was far less clueless than I. But nobody cool jokes about shit like that. My bad for assuming there was a benefit of the doubt as long as I have.

Peace. Out.

el duque said...

Hey, sorry if it rubs you the wrong way. Didn't mean to make light of pedophiles. But I can't figure out how Hollywood is going to sell movies about superheros when these kinds of accusations - true or false - are floating around. I don't think I'll ever see X-men in the old light.