Monday, April 3, 2017

A verse for Jonathan Holder, the Holder of Holds

Behold "Hold'em" Holder, the Holder of holds.
His heaters hate hitters, their bats catching colds.
His outings eat innings, as each hold unfolds,

Behold "Hold'em" Holder! the Holder of holds!

Just call "Hold'em" Holder; the lead will be held.
Our enemies vanquished, their loss clearly smelled,

This Holder will hold them, their hopes to be quelled,
Behold "Hold'em" Holder! Our vict'ry upheld!

Behold "Hold'em" Holder; he holds, does not save,
Each new hold unfolding, each game to its grave,
A high-holding holder, their bats shall behave!

Behold "Hold'em" Holder! Our lead shall not cave!

1 comment:

Alibi Ike said...

May the Youthful Yanks leads the league in nicknames this Rebuild/Retool/Re-make/Re-model/RoxyMusic/Retrenching year.