Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Few Ideas For Shortening Yankee Games

 It seemed to me that I started watching this game at about 4pm ( LA time ) and it was only the 8th inning about 4 hours later.

Truth be told, most of the clocks around me need rewinding or re-setting or new batteries, so I am not certain.  I can tell you, more accurately, how long the game took by marking the start and finish lines on my quart of Crown Royal.

By that measure, I have a headache and a half.  And I need to buy more booze.

In any case, a few ideas;

1.  You know how they give automatic walks, now, when an intentional pass is signaled?  No need for the charade of pitching four balls out of the strike zone.

For the Yankees, let's let the opponent signal an automatic strikeout.  Yesterday, the Yankees K'd 14 times out of 27 at bats.  Think of how much time and anguish could be saved if the manager just lifts his thumb for the strikeout.  All those foul tips don't happen.  The "takes" resulting in 1-3 " balls don't have to be watched.  The pitcher saves pitches.

2.  Cameras could focus on practice swings for Yankee batters in the on-deck circle, and end the charade of having all these at bats.

3.  Certain guys would draw the signal if there are runners on base.  Sanchez comes to mind.  How humiliating is it for him ( and us ) to watch him flail at strike threes in the dirt, a wide yard and a foot short of the plate.

4.  Passed balls and errors by the catcher would become automatic triples.  That way, no one has to chase a ball to the backstop and, subsequently, throw it into right field.  Sanchez, again, comes to mind.  My thought is; we relieve him of these embarrassing moments, and maybe he regains some confidence in his baseball skills.

5.  New rule;  the only runs that count for the Yankees are solo homers.  All this work to get guys on first and second, with no out, never amount to anything anyway.  We don't advance runners ( per Girardi stratagem ), and we don't drive them in.

6.  Automatic play;  whenever we have a double with fewer than two outs ( think Didi ), the opposing manager lifts his leg and the following happens;  our next hitter gets the automatic walk ( no
pitches ), so the following batter can hit into the inning ending double play

Huge amounts of time will be saved.  I won't consume nearly a fifth of Crown.  we'll all use our time to a better advantage.

If you agree, please send " likes" to the major duomo of MLB.

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