Tuesday, August 1, 2017

No need for razors?

Loose thought about the trade deadline:

It's been a while since we went through it without somebody having to shave. (Or did I miss one?)


Anonymous said...

Not Gray but if you count the players from few days before then yeah. I've never seen an image of Garcia without one. Kahnle always had at least a 5 o'clock as well. I think Robertson even had one at the time of the trade. I seem to recall reading an article about him dissing the Yankees shave rule so long ago and he was glad to go to a team without one.
But no crazy Brian Wilson like beards if that's what you mean.

KD said...

It's part of our youth movement. Our sprouts are prepubescent.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I think O'Neill just said "nut-crusher" on the air.

Then again, I'm old and hard of hearing.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of O'Neil

"I gotta tell you!" (O'Neils favorite saying)

He sucks as an announcer. All he does is state the obvious. Worse than Suzyn Waldman, if that is possible.