Saturday, August 12, 2017

Behold... the Yankee Path of Totality

If we don't win this series, we don't deserve to make the post-season.

Seriously. Screw the wild card. Considering last night's Redsock self-immolation, if we can't take two out of the next three, we're not going to win anything meaningful this year. Forget it. The Fates will have spoken. It just won't happen.

If we had lost last night - if El Chapo blew it (as, frankly, he deserved) - it would have been the emotional equivalent of five Yankee losses. Technically, it wouldn't have ended our season. But it sure would feel as though it did.

All we have to do is win today... 

It's time for a must-win situation. Today. 


Leinstery said...

Take it away Swanny!

Anonymous said...