Saturday, August 5, 2017

The insanity of contending for the wild card

The Blue Jays are seven games below .500 - yet only 5.5 games behind the final wild card berth.

It's like an elementary school talent show where every contestant wins a prize. 

Here's a prediction: In our lifetimes, we will see the splitting of the wild card into two single game playoffs. Two "away" wild card teams will play on a neutral field for the chance to play the one-game wild card winner on its home field.

If that were now in effect, Oakland would still be in contention. Only the White Sox would be out of it. Why is baseball ignoring such a solid money-making opportunity? 


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree this will happen in our lifetimes. MLB will become like the NHL, where 60% of teams make the playoffs, and the playoff themselves are referred to as "Second Season".

We're a long way away from the days when there was an NL pennant winner and an AL pennant winner and the two met in the World Series.

joe de pastry said...

Wild card, designated hitter, artificial turf, steroids, juiced baseballs.
The game gets dumb and dumber.
Yet Butt Selig is in the HoF.
The decline and fall of the USA began before 11/8/16.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Joe, sure did - - LONG before...but it has accelerated exponentially SINCE 11/8/16.

Just came back from vacation in the "wilds", with very poor cell-reception, etc... and am reading the depressing facts, re: the team's play since I left town.

Perhaps since I am at home, now, where I have an MLB Extra Innings sub., if I ignore the team for a few days, they will play better...they always seem to play better on the days I don't DVR the game, and didn't watch. Just sayin'... LB (No J)