Friday, August 3, 2018


We all know that everything I just ranted about ain't gonna happen.

This is sort of like the moment after Howard Beal in Network has just had the lecture from Ned Beatty's character, and accepts the real world limitations.

Let's face it:

—The Steinbrenners—the Snopes clan of the sporting world—aren't going anywhere.

—Brian Cashman will be their general manager until he chooses to retire, or has a horrible elf-rappelling accident.

—The franchise will be filled up with more and more Ma Boone minions at every level.

So what can we reasonably hope for?

Well, what happened the one time that Cooperstown Cashman won a ring with what was—more or less—his own team?

He was given permission to go out and buy up every big free agent on the market, all of whom had a good-to-great year.

So...forget all this rebuilding stuff.  It's not going to happen, and Coops has no idea of how to bring it to fruition.

The only way we will ever see another World Series banner lifted in Yankee Stadium in our lifetime is to do it the only way Coops knows how.

This coming offseason, he might as well go out and sign up Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Patrick Corbin, and any other free agent he can find.

Will most of their contracts become battleship anchors around the team's neck, eventually dragging us back down to mediocrity or worse?

Yes.  So what?

It's exactly the fate that the Steinbrenners deserve after sticking us with this awful little putz of a GM for so long.  It's the only punishment they will ever understand or absorb:  their profit margin will be slightly affected.

And in the meantime, we may—MAY—get to have one more happy, championship season, listening to all those Red Sox fans grind their teeth.


Leinstery said...

Throwing Chance Adams to the wolves officially marks the point where the season went off the rails.

Joe F said...

You know what though the GM is not responsible for preparing these boneheads to field and play... He is rrsponsible for hiring these HACKS that pose managers/coaches who aren't prpearing these guys to field/hit.

The team has more than enough talent to tear up this league...

If we had:

Someone (JUST 1) who doesn't strikeout in the clutch

A catcher who isn't fat and lazy
A life coach for our catcher WHO IS fat and lazy

An ACTUAL hitting coach who does something meaningful besides look at iPads.

A pitching coach who was actually a good pitcher in his career who can help pitchers get better and not give up a 3run bomb after a mound visit

A bench coach whom u can tell he's there

A manager who does more than tip his cap and look down at a lineup card while his team is imploding and look pretty in front of the camera

Is this too much to ask for Christmas...cuz lord knows it ain't happening now.