Friday, August 10, 2018

Who Is That Gaining On Us?

For most of the season, the Yankees have been chasing the Red Sox.

Once, we even tied them for first place.

That was light years ago.  It all ended a few weekends ago, in Boston.  We were derailed.

So, we closed the door on that chapter and moved on full throttle toward our favored spot;  the one game play-in.  The back door to the night club.  The last way to get passed the bouncer.

As we merrily proceeded on this journey, one had time to pause and smell the roses.  As we did so, however, an apparition appeared.

Another train was suddenly visible on the adjacent track.

No train had been within 100 miles of us.  Our engines were full of oil and humming.  But our speed could never get above average.  Too much dead weight in the cars we are dragging along.

There is another train barreling up to us.  In site of our caboose.  The Oakland train and, god forfend, the Seattle train pushing that one.

We better find some more power.  Fast.

Or we sit in the yards all winter.  Alone.


TheWinWarblist said...

Spending all winter in the yards with no one to talk to other than Thomas and his sappy friends would be dreadful.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

A tweet (not by me) of Yankees' lineup for tonight -- Bird and Walker OUT. Voit and Gardner IN.

....yes, Walker hit 2 HRs last night, finally -- and I mean, FINALLY -- breaking out. Now, in true Girardi fashion, he's gonna sit.

-- whaddya mean, Joey Binders ain't the manager anymore? Who's that guy pulling levers before Ma Boone acts?

Bless me and save me!

Joe of AZ said...

Dear Boone:

Why the hell is Shane Robinson in A MAJOR LEAGUE line up...

What crusty upper management pawn did torreyes piss off and why ain't he here....surely he's better than voit AND Robinson put together