Thursday, August 30, 2018

Two Roads Diverged In The Bronx......

Stanton takes a poor route on a deep fly ball and it lands for a double, scoring two runs.

That misplay....unremarked upon by the announcers, ....did in CC Sabathia, as it forced him to use 40 plus pitches in the first inning, replace his perspiration-soaked rain hat, cover up his disgruntled temperament, and sit in a two run hole.

Which, for this team, is like climbing Everest before dinner.

When a Yankee hit a similar shot to the wall ( deeper actually ) a few innings later, their guy leaps and makes the catch.

We were awful in the clutch.  Myriad opportunities were created, but only Torreyes managed to put a bat on the ball and drive in our single run.

When Torres got thrown out at the plate after the wild pitch, it was obvious they had a better game than we did.  That play was miraculous and could only occur one time in a thousand.  But they pulled it off.

Then, their Centerfielder sprints a 150 yards and makes a diving catch on a shallow pop-up.  Their first baseman digs poor throws out of the dirt for narrow outs.

We struck out and popped up.  Often.  And played weak defense.

Walker's miracle HR the day earlier saved us from total ignominy.  We could easily have been swept by these guys.  Maybe we would be better off.

The truth is;  no one fears this Yankee team.  I'm not sure they are much respected.

They are headed down the road they didn't wish to take.

And it might just make all the difference.


HoraceClarke66 said...

You're right. And yes, what is with all the miserable first innings??

When was the last time WE scored in the first?

Getting ahead early makes everything easier in baseball, and it should often be possible because you usually get those games when a pitcher has not got all the kinks out yet. But we can't do it. Something that speaks to poor preparation, and a lack of motivation.

13bit said...

We're just a new catcher, three new pitchers and a new first baseman away from everlasting glory and infamy...IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, PEOPLE. And, by the way, I coulda been somebody....

TheWinWarblist said...

Is that really too much to ask??