Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Yankee Schedule for the Rest of 2018

How are we doing, so far?

Is .500 an acceptable record?

Is Boone actually a manager or a TV personality?

What strategic move gets a high grade?

Just name one.


All year.

Any game.  Any where.


KD said...

well, yes. They are cupcakes but they do look a little dangerous. Imagine that horn being a pineapple, then recall our record against terrible teams. Now consider how Boone seems to inexplicably give up on the team if down in late innings. We see an important, winnable game. Boone sees an insignificant game now lost and a chance to rest his good releivers. we want late inning heroics and an exciting conclusion to the game. What we get is a pineapple delivered by a cupcake.

13bit said...

Joe of AZ said...

God I hate Boone....His face is the poster/centerfold for

1. Underachievement
2. Production regression
3. Mediocrity
4. The Red Sox 1st place pennant
3. Hopelessness and dispair
4. Diabetes (binge eat after every pineapple)
5. Alcohol dependance
6. ice cream sandwich catalog (hugging his very own he has sittng in the dug out)

Someone needs to the this guy to the boat shed...

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely spot on with your criticism of Ma Boone, we were, sixth inning, down only two, and the Marlins BP hasn't been a strong-point - - but Ma, instead of calling on the two 'B's, for starters, decides to throw Adams into the fire - - his first relief appearance in the "Big Show" - - and, by God, leave him there. Then, when he could probably hear me & others screaming at him - - even from 1,000 miles away, what does he do?? Why, Sonny-Boy, of course. Inspirational, if and only if, you have, as a "manager", subscribed to Joe F's list of sterling qualities, above. LB (No J)