Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Grasping at straws...

 Focus on those colorful things poking out of those glasses and think one thing:

Miguel Andujar.

He hit the ball well last night and looked more comfortable settling under fly balls, and playing the carom, than Frazier ever has.

When he was young, and had no position, I suggested ( hoped ) he would settle in LF.  I knew he didn't have the reflexes to star at third ( I used to play there, so I know...right, Duque?);  first base is not a position where you just stick someone and they can automatically play there.  It is not like in kids' games where the worst player gets right field.  First base takes unusual skills. And you have to want to be a first baseman since you were a kid. 

But LF seemed perfect. 

Andujar was a good defender ( because he could play adequate third base ) and he had a rifle arm (because at third base you must, right Duque?).  So a speedy, hard hitting good fielder with a rifle arm seemed natural at our LF position. 

He should be given the LF position, period. 

Boone, of course, will either sit him down tonight or play him somewhere that messes with his head. He'll feel obligated to the Red Menace and stick him back in the line-up.  

Let Frazier try to play first. 

By the way, does one of you scholars know the origin of " grasping at straws?"  Or is it straw?  As in, you are a hungry cow?  Or is it just a barroom thing, as in, " everyone fight for a drink sitting on the counter? ( see above).

My grasp is that Andujar is ready to break through, if our asshole manager will let him. 


HoraceClarke66 said...

Amen, Dauntless Leader! I was right behind you on the "Andujar in left" idea.

And I suspect that "grasping at straws" refers to the fact that straw is not a very strong or reliable material. Rather than grasping for metal or hardwood to support your argument or find a solution, you're grasping at straw(s).

Or maybe today, "groping for wet cardboard." Which can get you canceled.

Platoni said...

I think it means grasping at straws, like when you're drowning. You'll grab at anything to stay alive. Kinda like Sanchez swinging at pitches about a foot low and away when pressing. If he connects on one of them, he'll get another 45 at-bat reprieve.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's from The wizard of Oz. Is pivotal moment when Dorothy is going to pass out and she reaches out to the scarecrow only to wind up flat on her face in a pile of toto's excrement.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

This is another problem with our team: this business of everyone playing every position. When the hell did we become a Little League team where everyone plays everywhere? Obviously, when a guy is defensively challenged, it's tough enough for him to learn one position, let alone play a new position every day. Just put a guy in one position and leave him there. Instead, we have a revolving infield and a revolving outfield. It's gotten so bad that every play we have infielders being shifted around here or there. Then in the late innings, everyone gets moved around for defense. Wow, it's enough to make your head spin.

The Hammer of God

Publius said...

Frazier shouldn't play anywhere. Lost cause.

Unknown said...

Is it possible that "grasping at straws" has to do with that old decision making game in which people draw straws and the short straw has to (insert action). As in your grasping at straws and the outcome is random.

Alphonso said...

I like the Wizard Of Oz excrement idea. Thank you all.

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