Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Klubermensch, the Klubot, the Klubermeister, the Kloob... Kudos, Klubos!

Congrats to Corey Kluber, who last night showed the world that a man can come back from just about anything, as he inscribed himself into Yankee history with his first no-hitter. 

Because we smart-mouthed know-it-alls at IT IS HIGH never hold back on condemnations of underperforming Yankees (or their owners), we need to acknowledge when someone has given us a game for the ages... and that's what the 35-year-old Kluber did last night.

Mr. Kluber, sir... bravo!

Along with Kluber - now 4-2 with an ERA of  2.86, All-Star game starter? - let us praise several lesser-known extras for their role in the night:

Kyle Higashioka, for catching the game. He has become the starting catcher and accomplished the impossible: He's made Gary Sanchez a better player. Behind every masterpiece pitching performance is a brilliant game by the catcher. Kudos to Higgy.

Tyler Wade, for coming off the bench and saving the night. After starting RF Ryan LaMarre tweaked something running to first - a sad moment for a fringe player - Wade, an infielder, took over. In a night that threatened to be unbearably frustrating - the team hit into five double-plays - Wade came through. His triple scored the game's first run. And in ninth, after being told by Brett Gardner that they would have to dive after any ball, Wade ran down a liner that looked like trouble. He made it look easy, but only because he is the fastest man on the team and that he got a great jump. Kudos to Wade, who deserves a shot to win the lefty slot at 2B. 

Eric Cressey, a Yankee management widget, who was hired last year to overhaul their conditioning programs. Cressey worked with Kluber over the winter, and he clearly pushed the team to sign the free agent. He set up Kluber's audition for scouts but gave the Yankees the inside track and Brian Cashman - yes, the odious magnet for IT IS HIGH critics - deserves credit for signing onto it. Of course, Kluber isn't home free - at 35, he's always a tweak away from oblivion - but damn, a no-hitter is a no-hitter, and nobody can ever take it back. Kudos, Mr. Cressey!

Michael - (I can't believe I'm writing this) - Kay, who did a masterful job of calling the game on YES. He didn't overplay it. He didn't ignore it. And when the final out landed in Luke Voit's glove, Kay shouted that Kluber had pitched his way into history. Kudos, Kay. 

A sad night for LaMarre, who likely goes on the injured list and then back to Scranton. For whatever it's worth, Estevan Florial - the Yankee preferred OF hope - came up four times last night for the Railriders and never put his bat on the ball - walking once, and fanning thrice.

We're going to have to do something about the outfield. But for now, let's enjoy it. On the IT IS HIGH Scale of Celebrations, this gets the full THREE TAYS. 


Anonymous said...

I am shocked that you don’t mute the TV sound and listen to the Master.

TheWinWarblist said...

I was on call. No TV; I had Gamecast and The Master and Suzyn.

JM said...

I staggered home from a festive meeting with two fellow IIHers (you know who you are and why I was staggering--kudos to the barmen in Bryant Park for the incredibly healthy pours) and promptly didn't turn on the game until the ninth inning. That was some finish.

The 6th no-no this season already. Will this become the pitching equivalent of routine 50, 60 and 70 home run seasons? The stewards of the game have done something that sent us from one extreme to the other. (Hey, howzabout them new balls?)

Not to diminish Kulber's Komeback, which is great. The guy is 35 now, but he sure didn't look it last night. (What was with the robotic, emotion-free interview after the game?) But six no hitters before Memorial Day is a lot of no hitters. I'm so old I remember when they used to be really rare.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Amen, JM! I have to say, I think that meeting of the three, mysterious IIHers—whoever they might have been!—should reassemble whenever there is a big Yankees game on the line.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Corey Kluber! Now that you've made yourself a household name for Yankee eternity, we expect a World Series Championship this year. After all, the last three Yankees who pitched a perfect game or no-hitter have gone on to win that coveted title. ('99 David Cone; '98 David Wells; '96 Doc Gooden). We all want that streak to continue.

It appears that we may have been too quick to castigate Cashman for bringing in Kluber. But there's still a long way to go.

The Hammer of God

Anonymous said...

Is it true that it was Corey Kluber bobble head doll night in Texas as he was pitching his no-hitter? Reverse JUJU, no doubt!

The Hammer of God

ranger_lp said...

Yes Hammer it's true..

Anonymous said...

Yes, but reality strikes;

Stanton hurt-Check
Hicks hurt- Check
Judge being Rested-Check
37-Year-old CF- Check
3rd Baseman in LF- Check
UTL. Inf. in RF-Check
Ist B batting .100-Check

Under the luxury tax-- CHECK ;CHECK; CHECK
As a wise man on this site once said FUCK Hal (and the Polo Pony he rode in on)
The Archangel

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Congratulations Sir Kluber!!!!!!

And sooOOOoooooo true Archangel, something tells me this will be the highlight of the season,,,,,

Alphonso said...

Tyler Wade now has a story for his grand-children. That is the real reason anyone wants to be a Yankee.

It is an important point which Duque made; Tyler's speed made that catch in the ninth look easy. Maybe he should play more often out there.

If Andujar proves that he really can only hit into double plays, I would rather see Tyler out there.

2 runs isn't usually going to be enough.

Just saying.

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