Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day AYG-HABs and other thoughts

Well, we are two months into watching the unwatchable. A charmless team that lacks everything from fundamentals to... let's face it, fundamentals covers it. 

Can't hit, can't hit with RISP, can't field, can't run the bases... 

Quick question...

Is there anyone on the team who came from a winning program?  I know Chapman won a WS but he was very shaky doing it and has a propensity for blowing big games. And Gardner won with us when he was twelve years old. I guess Cole with Houston. But anyone else?

A quick look at the lineup says no. Stanton is from Miami. DJ - Colorado, Gio and Frazier - Cleveland. Hicks - Minnesota... These are not franchises known for winning it all. OK the Marlins but not in a long while. (Hat tip - Rufus).

Maybe they don't know HOW to win. 


AYG-HAB (Scale of 0-7)

Sigh.  I was going to do this every couple of months anyway but, as many on this blog have said, it's like the scene in Animal House where Dean Wormer reads the GPAs...

Voit - 2.1 because he's hurt and lost at the plate when he's not.  He's thin, then he's buff, then he's injured. I hope he picks a body type and sticks with it. I know that when I work out or do yoga my golf swing goes to hell (as opposed to my normal Purgatory golf swing) until my mind adjusts to my new (albeit temporary) body.  He should decide.

Ford - 0.5  DFA please. Seems like a good guy but I can't watch him any more. 

DJ  - 3.6  Down from 7.  This may be the saddest one. I stopped buying Yankee T-shirts but this guy was on track to join Mantle, Munson, Mattingly, Matsui, (Le Mahieu). 

Gleyber  3.5 

Gio - 3.5

Frazier  1.1  How did I ever think this guy was going to be good? Maybe he should exchange his cleats for tap shoes and try to get on Dancing with the Minor League Stars. So so disappointing.

Gardy  1.0 

Andujar  3.4  I'm still hopeful Miggy Two-Bags comes back to us.

Hicks -  1.3  

Judge  3.1  Last night's final AB says it all. 

Sanchez. Stanton. Higgy...  I. Just. Can't. Continue. Doing. This. 

Maybe when I do the August one we will have new names to consider. 


DickAllen said...

Chapman wasn’t shaky in his WS - he was overused and got hung out to dry. Cleveland did the same thing to Andrew Miller that year and we haven’t seen him again. I have no doubt his arm fell off after being used so much. Madden used Chapman so much he was nearly useless the next year: his era tripled. And then I questioned my belief that Madden was a genius. Now I see the guy was made for a team like Anaheim. So yeah, Chapman was shaky alright. If I do too many push-ups (like one or two) my arms are like jello.

When I look down that awful and accurate report card, I have to wonder: that is a complete team collapse. I can see one or two guys shitting the bed, but the whole team? Methinks something is rotten in the date of Denmark.

These system-wide collapses, especially things like base running gaffs, are a symptom of morale, of a lack of care and attention. I’ve worked in places where careless mistakes were common and it always stemmed from - and I know I’m beating a dead horse here - incapable and inexperienced management. The Yankees fired a perfectly good manager and hired a broadcaster to run this team and its tired and lackadaisical attitude comes right down from the inept top. Booooooone was a great interview and I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy, but he’s no major league manager. He’s risen to the height of his incompetence and he needs to go. You can’t honestly tell me that every guy on that roster is in a collective funk coincidentally. There is always a reason and it always starts at the top.

This team is a failure not because it’s a mediocrity comprised of lousy, used parts - it’s a team that’s living below its capabilities. There is a funk happening and the stench is coming from management’s offices.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Agree with what you said except it was time for Joe to go. Boner was not the right choice, which is very painfully obvious now.

I'd throw in bad management throughout the organization. Someone is teaching the (relatively) young hitters to screw up their batting stroke. Don't bunt and don't hit the other way.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I have a painful memory of the fish winning the WS. It involved David Wells being well past his sell date. And the Indians won before I was born.

JM said...

The Yanks should take down the DiMaggio quote and replace it with "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." It's a hell of a lot more accurate.

Anonymous said...


You are right! I too remember that. I will rewrite the line and no one will know but us!

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

@DickAllen1964 I absolutely agree with you also. But I agree with Rufus that the stink is system wide through the entire organization. Boone ain't the only problem. It starts with the front office, and our resident idiot Brain Cashman, and may possibly extend to the entire coaching and scouting department. Although I will say that the kids who come up mostly seem to have decent pitching mechanics and good swings. After they come up here is when everything gets fucked up. Cashman has got to go, and we have to bring in guys who really know what they're doing. Otherwise, this shit show will continue on and on, like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

The Hammer of God

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