The mooning of Papi? Dare to BELIEVE

The mooning of Papi? Dare to BELIEVE

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In historic appreciation for service, fear of curse and betrayal of the democratic process, Robert John Valentine is named September IT IS HIGH/LUNCHABLES YANKEE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Congratulations, Bobby V, on this unprecedented achievement.

Next, how about a national petition asking the Yankees to retire Valentine's No. 25?


John M said...

For some reason, I used to like Bobby when he piloted the Mets, but now I have come to grips with the fact that he's an aggressively confrontational dickwad with serious psychological issues.

And after his incredibly inept and pathetic performance this year, I have never loved him more. Maybe we can pitch in and buy him a taller bike.

el duque said...

He hurt the Redsocks more than a dozen Bucky Dents and Aaron Boones.

His nickname should not be Bobby V.

It should be Bucky Boone.