Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing the Yankee starting lineup, according to auto-correct

ss Derek Jesus
lf Icicle Suture
3b Alex Rodent 
2b Robber Cannot
1b Mark Texture
rf Nick Swishes
c Russell Martin
cf Curtain Grandeur
rf Raul Ibid 

p Andy Petite 
p C Sabbath 
p Hiring Kurd

OK, boys, let's beat Bud Seller's wild card.


MUSTANG! said...

John needs to know about this. The effect it could have on home run calls...

If Suzyn can explain to him what 'autocorrect' is.

Anonymous said...

Well John, imagine you are saying it is high, it is far, and a machine interrupts and says it is caught. That's autocorrect, but applied to those big words you sometimes misuse. Describing a pitcher as peregrinating the mound was spot on however.