Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last night, an unwatchable team played an unwatchable game at an unwatchable time

Ah, the joy of a good night's sleep! To wake up and learn that you missed a five-walk, team-wide, Yankee debacle. Thank God they start so late on the West Coast.

If a tree falls in the forest, you can read about it in the morning. And believe me, a five-walk meltdown is much easier to read about than to watch.

Nope. I didn't stay up. I'd claim otherwise, if I wasn't so proud of myself. This West Coast trip has all the prospects of a vacation in Amityville. Right now, I'm thinking we win one game - hopefully, when Tanaka pitches. Right now, I'm thinking somebody important will get hurt - hopefully, not Tanaka. I'm thinking the team will squander one great performance - maybe that already happened with David Phelps - and I suspect we will suffer one of those excruciating, out-of-body Yankee losses, the kind that haunt you until the day you die... that is, unless you sleep through it.

So load up on Ambien, folks. Last night, the Yankees blamed the home plate ump. Bravo. I don't like how modern umpires have evolved into third grade bullies, and Brett Gardner probably got screwed on a pitch. But blaming the umps gets stale in Little League. Whenever the Redsocks bitterly scream about an ump, it brings a smile to my lips. I wish I'd seen it. When it happens to us, thank God I didn't.

Tonight, the Yankees are asking their fans to coffee up until 3 a.m. to watch the continual evolution of Hiroki Kuroda, as he slowly morphs into Sheriff Joe Cowley. As an added attraction, we will see the 2014 debut of Brandon Ryan.

Nope. I'll be in bed.

Feel free to implode, Yankees. Blow a huge lead, or squander a great ninth inning rally. Knock yourselves out. I'll read about it. Maybe in August or September, I'll stay up for a West Coast swing. But it's up to you to make sure anybody will be watching. A few more games like last night, and YES might as well run old movies. Or videos of trees falling in forests.


John M said...

And those were members of what I thought was the 'good' bullpen playing carousel in the 8th.

Extremes are much more interesting than middle of the road blahness. If we can't be a winner and walk away with this suddenly crummy division, I'd just as soon we lost 90.

Hard to believe, but when I was a kid I thought the late-60s teams were actually fun. At least you got to see Brooks Robinson and Frank Howard come into town.

Maybe the key here is to watch games to see the other team's stars.

Hmmm...it's an idea.

PS: Jeter doubles and scores, excellent. Jeter double plays and ends a bases loaded, no out fizzle. Oy.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I was hanging in there until they squandered bases loaded and no outs, surprise surprise, The Captain crushes the rally with another DP ( tho bravo for the RBI before). Turned off the radio and went to bed since the loss was inevitable.

Checking the score this morning, I never would have thought those 3 runs came from walked batters, there're playing 50 ways to lose a ballgame!