Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For whatever it's worth: The pitch that blew Girardi's gaskets

This was called a ball strike. (I blew it)
It's tailing down and away, 
and the catcher will snag it inches from the dirt.
Immediately, Joe Girardi goes crazy.
Check out Joe's veins.

Walking off, Joe looks physically and emotionally drained.


Mike said...

Laz Diaz called that pitch a Strike, and Girardi blew his gaskets. I don't blame him. Seems that same pitch was called a ball when Kelley threw it in the next half inning.

Alphonso said...

It is a ball.

Visual is misleading, because Joe wouldn't blow a gasket if it had been called (correctly) a ball.

If he called it a strike ( which he must have done ), all Yankees would have ( and did ) erupt in anger. We were cheated. The umpires are unusually awful right now.

Please re-work the visual/commentary co-ordination. I can't start my days off confused after a Yankee road loss.

You are confusing your audience.

Marty said...

Laz Diaz has long been one of the most flagrant umpiring incompetents. The question is this: how and why do these incompetents keep their jobs? How do they get promoted in the first place?

Instead of outsourcing the training and promotion of umpires, MLB needs to institute its own rigorous training and hiring program. There's no excuse for the wretched and erratic quality of officiating in major league baseball.