Saturday, October 31, 2015

A-Rod: National treasure

The only positive in this Yankee-less October:

Imagining Rug Selig, flinging creamed corn at his TV, having to watch Alex Rodrguez - toast of the town - steal every scene on every channel.

He goes on Fox's NFL pre-game show and gleefully throws a football into an overhead monitor.

He goes on Fallon and delivers the one-liner: "If you ever do a photo shoot, don't kiss any mirrors."

(OOH-OOH! JUMPIN' JEHOSIFAT! Note to A-Rod: That should become your catchphrase, as in: "Whoa, Lucas Duda just kissed the mirror." Go ahead, you can use that idea!)

Now Newsday gushes over his broadcast debut.

OK... let's imagine the year 2020: Don Mattingly has finally finished his internship with LA and Florida, and comes home to serve as Yankee manager; John Sterling finally retires to the Puppy Bowl, leaving A-Rod as the new radio voice of the New York Yankees, driven by Jeep! Or would that job be too small for him? Maybe he'll host Good Morning America or the CBS Evening News.

I'm hoping all three. I want that rug rat Selig to suffer.

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