Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Survey Says….

There is a growing interest and appreciation in the Yankee "substitution" program used by members of this blog for getting through the 2015 World Series.

Mets v Yankees is, after all, the ultimate appeal.

El Duque commissioned a survey after the first day's reporting, and we have a statistically significant, early result;

Folks would like to experience, and participate in ( via comment ) a live blog of an upcoming game…..with the play by play and commentary provided, of course, by John & Suzyn.

Mustang will be channeling John and I will be channeling Suzyn. El Duque would be the broadcast booth guest during bottom of 5th inning, representing the Baseball Commissioner's office in the form of Joe, " what do I do now? " Torre.

We need the approval of IIHIIFII…C  Ceo, El Duque, to invest the technical dollars to proceed, and bring Suzyn back from her vacation in Haiti.

I am confident in El Duque's support because we all know, despite his protestations to the contrary, that he loves this idea.

Keep the votes, pro and con, coming in.

If we have enough tweets and responses in favor, we may be able to create and give away El Duque bobble head dolls to the first 18,000 ticket holders to enter the stadium for game 6.

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KD said...

There will be no game six, nor even a game five. Yankees in four!