Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Change to Yankee Line-up for game 2

I heard a radio spot from John and Suzyn this morning, as they discussed the " dead air" situation from last night's game.  As you may know, FOX lost power for a while and there was chaos on the field.  The game stopped with Harvey pacing the mound like a caged lion.

Joe Torre was called from the stands to do nothing.  He looked around for help, wondering if he could bring in a reliever for himself.  This was unprecedented.  The issue was; there would be no instant replays available until the power was restored.  Simply translated;  there would have been a lot of blown calls which might have changed the game.  Finally, the two teams agreed to proceed with out the benefit of replay.  Luckily, the power came back.

Remember when David Wright was called safe at second, on his attempted steal?  Could have been a game changer without instant replay.  Instead of runner on second and one out, it was no one on and two outs.  I think.

Anyway, John & Suzyn were a barrel of laughs, about their great insights being lost, etc.

They did pass on that Joe has announced his line-up for tonight's game:

1.  Didi (SS)- can history repeat?
2.  Refsnyder ( 2B ) - what an upgrade over Stephen Drew.
3.  Ellsbury (CF ) - 1 for 6 last night, but covering a lot of turf.
4.  Bird ( FB ) - Rookie must be feeling fine today.
5.  Beltran (DH ) - ( A-Rod sits after 0-3 night with a walk and a K ).
6. Headley ( 3B) - some great defense last night.
7.  Mc Cann ( C) -  This is one tough dude ( hit on hand with backswing last night ) with a cannon arm.
8.  Gardener (LF) - Unexpected hero.
9.  Heathcott (RF) - Will he hit?  Defense a plus.

Peralta with the funny hat is scheduled to pitch for the good guys.

The Mets, supposedly, will start Sundeguaard ( I have no clue what his name is ) who seems to me, unhittable.  Every pitch is 97-102 mph and his location excellent.

Stay tuned.

The Yanks need this one to assure a return to the stadium.  And I have tickets with Mustang and El Duque for game 6.


Mustang said...

Excellent game piece, excellent preview. Alphonso, your work here rivals your classic coverage of President Gore's first term.

el duque said...

Don't count me as a part of this in any way.

Anonymous said...

Please keep this rolling the entire series.

Der Kaiser said...

This is shaping up to be the best series ever!