Tonight's moon phase: WANING CRESCENT


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Opening NIght

It has been a while since the Yankees have opened at home in the World Series.

But tonight is opening night, and at the new stadium for the first time.  Girardi has hinted at some line-up changes, as the second subway series ( the real thing ) commences on this beautiful Fall day.

I read a comment from tonight's starter, Tanaka, where he said, " the extended rest after the playoff win over Toronto has helped bring new energy to my arm."  This, of course, is the translation from his interpreter.

Girardi won't post his line-up, officially, until 4pm, but my inside sources indicate a few exciting changes for Yankees fans.

First off;  Slade Heathcott will be playing right field.  Refsnyder will be at second and, Bird, at first.  Think about that;  three guys from Scranton who no one thought would be in pinstripes for a World Series in 2015.

No offense Gardy will be in left field, primarily for defensive purposes, and he will bat 8th I am advised.  Jacoby ( also a member of the no offense club will likely lead -off) ;McCann will catch, and hopefully his left hand swing will nub a few opposite field grounders off Harvey for infield singles.  If he can make it to first base in under 20 seconds, we'll have a hit.

Third base remains a bit of a mystery, with the .230 hitting Headley the likely candidate.  But rumors persist that another rookie could get a shot.

The Yankees don't figure to score more than a run, so Tanaka better keep Lucas Duda and the Murphy dude at bay.

In any case, it is all New York baseball.  What could be finer.?



el duque said...

I want no part of this. I do not support this. You do not have my blessing for this. It is wrong.

Mustang said...

Alphonso, we should live blog the game.

KD said...

who puts together the box score?

John M said...

Live blogging the game...interesting. Even if it's wrong.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Elsbury's lead-off inside the park HR should have been an error

KD said...

WOW! Did you see Ellsbury? NEVER seen him run like THAT. What a way to start the Series. Post season brings out the best in our boys.

KD said...

I think we all knew the Grandyman would become a Yankees killer.....

jdrny said...

This is both hilarious and sad. But...

I do like the rookies in the lineup. It at least gives us a chance if we pitch Severino.

kd said...


Alphonso said...

Spread the word. Royals line-up translates to Yankees. For example, when KC's shortstop is at bat, it is Didi, etc. When Zobrist is up ( Royals second baseman) it is Refsnyder. Line-up changes ( position players ) for the Yankees will be announced on the blog, before game time.

It is the only way to keep the Yankees alive during the off-season.

We do this for El Duque. This Yankee approved approach to World Series watching was conceived and executed when Yanks lost ALCS to Angels many years back.

Duque is the master, despite his claims to the contrary.

el duque said...

I hate this shit. I have NOTHING to do with this shit. It's wrong. I hated it when you did it then. I hate it now.


I hate this.