Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Found Something We Can Watch, Until The Yankees Flop Again

Last night, I came across a show on obsessions.

The feature story was a guy who can't stop eating plastic bags.  He eats 60 a day, sometimes.  His wife to be, a 450 pounder herself, can't get him to eat food. She is not a bag eater.

His favorite are the blue bags that newspapers are delivered to homes in.  Sometimes, he goes on raids and takes bags off other people's papers, before they wake up.

He eats all colors, but finds the blue ones the most tasty.

And we think we have problems.

Go Yankees.

 Eat some more blue bags.  At least that is interesting to watch.

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KD said...

Now there's someone who REALLY mourns the slow death of print media...