Monday, October 5, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Remember Private Yogi

Providence Journal
October 3, 2015 Saturday
Dear Editor:
It is unfortunate that in your Sept. 27 editorial “Yogi Berra, 1925-2015” you missed highlighting Mr. Berra’s heroic service as a member of the Navy during World War II, and in particular his participation in D-day.
Even as a lifelong Red Sox fan, I wholeheartedly appreciate the greats who have graced baseball’s fields of dreams, whether they have played for Boston or not. Mr. Berra was one of those true baseball greats \x97 both on and off the field.
I am grateful for his service to our country and believe that you should have recognized and acknowledged this important part of his life and its historical context. We are a greater nation because of heroes like Mr. Berra and all of those who serve, both past and present.
Anthony Miccolis
North Kingstown


Anonymous said...

Yogi was in the Navy. His rank was Seaman First Class not Private (Army/MC enlisted rank).

Tom said...

And we don't need no Bean Eaters telling us how to remember Yogi. Suffice to say, he kicked some serious Red Sock ass and for that all of humanity is grateful. Thank you for your service, Admiral Berra!

Tom said...

wait! what? REALLY!?!

Winston Churchill said...

Weren't the Redsocks aligned with the Axis powers?