Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How He Got The Nickname ( Or handle)

I did a little research with some old friends in Cleveland, trying to better discover the roots of CC's problem with alcohol.

And while I learned nothing of use to the psychologists, I did learn how Sabathia got his nickname.

The Scene :  Bars in Cleveland ( early afternoon, late at night, occasionally 8:00am )

Patron : " I'll have CC on the rocks."

Bartender :  "You got it buddy;  Canadian Club on the rocks."

Patron:  "Double CC and soda"

Patron:  "CC manhattan, up."

Patron:  "CC neat with a draft."

Patron:  "CC and coke.  Lot's of ice.  I've got a hangover."

Patron : " Double CC on the rocks."

Bartender: "Hey, CC, can I have your autograph?"

And so it began…...

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