Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another pitching prospect down the TJ chutes

Word is the Dellin Betances, our big overpaid slot draft choice three years ago -- whom we figured was the second coming of Randy Johnson -- may be the second coming of Andrew Brackman.

It's the latest in a trainwreck of pitching prospects who wow the scouts until their arms fall off. It's hard to calculate whether it happens to us more than everybody else, but it stinks when you follow the farms, get a rooting interest, then walk them fall apart.

In recent years, there was, uhhm, let's see...

Andrew Brackman (Alias Walkman): The giraffe we drafted and then sent to surgery. He's walking batters in Charleston, an age-inappropriate setting.

Mark Melancon: We did him same as Brackman, but he's a year further along and is ready.

Christian Garcia: Former great prospect. They should surgically install a zipper on his elbow.

Humberto Sanchez: Main cog in the Sheffield trade. That was a long time ago. Thought he'd be back by now.

George Kontos: All set to make make a run for the big club this year. Now thinking 2011.

Alan Horne: Was MLB ready two years ago. Now feeling his way in low minors.

Chien-Ming Wang: You know the deal.

The problem is, I'm missing others. Bad day for our Baseball America rating.


Anonymous said...

Shit happens. Throw more money at prospects till one sticks to the wall.

adam said...

Alphonso, is that you?

Alph said...

adam: I am far more articulate and ironic than that.