Thursday, August 27, 2009

Live Blog on Cano Today. He Needs A Rest.

So far, Cano is 0-2 with runners in scoring position.

He has left 5 men on base and ended two potential big innings.

He started the day hitting .207 with RISP.

What is with this guy?

He can only hit with no one on base?  Shouldn't he bat ninth, then?


Mustang said...

I was thinking just today of moving him down in the order. And making him wear one of those Sumo diapers. And fining him for breathing.

Alphonso said...

Make the move, SUPER....., make the move.

JohnF said...

Cano lacks focus. He has always lacked focus. He has indifferent at-bats and he flubs routine plays in the field. He tries to make up for these with style points, and sometimes succeeds. Everyone just gives him a pass and repeats the "someday he'll win a Batting Title" mantra.

Anonymous said...

This whole team is starting to revert to where they were early in the season. Too many two-out runs given up, shaky opposing pitchers given second and third chances, and now the overly rested bullpen is looking unfocused.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to do? Replace him with another old man? Personally, I love Cano and the energy he brings to this team. Lacks focus, eh? Do you watch the games? Have you seen how many amazing defensive plays he made this year? He's a set-up man and a future lead-off hitter. Let's see who else hasn't hit today...hmmm... Jeter, Matsui, Swisher. Molina doesn't count. A-Rod's left 5 on base, Swisher 4, Matsui 2. No one is hitting. The problem is you guys have short memories. Last night and the night before, Cano had some key hits. Let's go back further. Remember how much talent they pissed away in the '80s and early '90s? Yeah, trade him for an old man. Let's see how many rings we win after that

JohnF said...

Anonymous #2
No one is saying that Cano is worthless or untalented of that he should be traded for some washed-up veteran. Cano is a tremendously gifted player who doesn't get the most out of his skills. That's all.
And yes, I watch the games. Thanks for asking.