Monday, August 24, 2009

Only 4 days 'till MAX -- the amazing ancient crystal skull -- comes to Syracuse, while Scranton plays tiddlywinks on the periphery

MAX, the Ancient Crystal Healing Skull -- with caretaker Joann Parks (above, on right) -- is coming to Syracuse this weekend.

Joann Parks inherited MAX from a Tibetan healer, Norbu Chen, where she worked as a receptionist/assistant, upon his passing. Joann now travels all over the country, and sometimes abroad, sharing MAX with people who desire to experience a meeting with a crystal skull! She also brings minature crystal skulls, for purchase. Each carries the energies of MAX.

Amazingly... and strangely... the arrival of MAX will be sandwiched by contests between the Syracuse Chiefs and the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Baron-Yankees!

Don't believe it? HERE'S PROOF!

NOTE: For unexplained reasons, Syracuse will play Louisville while MAX is in town. Why?


Anonymous said...

Is this the third or the fourth time you've posted this story to no one caring?

Jeers said...

That lady could easily pass for Waldman's sister.

And what happened to the Manny pic?

Geofredo said...

News for Mr. Anonymous: people care about crystal skulls. Didn't you even read the story? This broad travels all over the world with that thing and I bet the sales for mini-crystal skulls are nothing to shake a stick at.

Now what that means for Syracuse and our minor league affiliate I can't predict but I bet it is going to be pretty big.