Sunday, August 23, 2009

If we lose tonight, season's over

If we lose tonight... forget the post-season, forget that pennant-clinch party, forget that trip to New York for the Canyon of Heroes, forget MVP, forget sunsets, forget rainbows, forget wearing knee socks to your prostitute, forget everything. It's over, done, gone, kaput, rogga, cloim, booglah. No happy times. No birthdays. No phone calls from the Pope. End of summer. End of puberty. End of time. No economic recovery, no free content, no candy, no tomorrow.

It's that simple: Win tonight... or our lead is cut to 5.


Ignorant townie said...

Well, it is over, at least at the swamp land known as fenway paak.

Gringo Starr said...

The difference between Yank fans and redsock lovers is that they measure their success by how they do vs us.

Let's not emulate that idiocy.

They're just another team.

And we're still in first place. regardless.

Alphonso is right said...

Aj Burnett is a fake, phony piece of garbage.

It doesn't matter if we win tonight. There is no way we beat them in playoffs.

We can't ever beat Josh what's his name. Tim Wakefield always beats us unless we have Boone. Then, some Japanese guy shuts us down. Then, that other turd beats us.

Joba gives us 5 innings. 106 pitches, 4 runs, etc. and we lose.

This team sucks.

Unless we score 20 runs, we can't beat them. We also can't beat the Angels.

So everyone should watch football.

Except the Giants are pathetic.