Friday, August 28, 2009

Sadly, Another Crooked Poll

The Yankees fired massage therapist Scott Yelin last November [scroll down]––yet his name appears, albeit misspelled, on this month's Yankee Employee Of The Month ballot.

How did he get there? None of the commenters nominated this disappointing masseur; they knew better. That leaves, as prime suspect, the hack who unilaterally contrives the monthly poll--a manchild so oblivious to the realities of business, he believes that a fired employee can be employee of the month––the anonymous blogger and admitted binge-drinker who calls himself El Duque.

In the confused value system of Duque's self-immolating mind, failure should be rewarded with a big, shiny trophy. But the real world doesn't work that way. The free market doesn't work that way. Baseball doesn't work that way. And, most crucially, democracy doesn't work that way.

What is to be done?

We could ask him to change the poll, but recent history warns us never to appeal to a blogger's sense of honor, for he has no use for honor--nor for anything else that fails to reward an effortless mouse-click with a deluge of prurient gratification.

Which leaves us no choice to apply good old-fashioned, pre-digital political pressure.

This poll must be pulled and replaced with an honest one.

We must demand this of El Duque, and demand it again, and again, and again, until he caves like a majority Democrat.

I invite your comments, as surely as Duque dreads them.


I'm Bill White Quoting Bess Myerson said...

The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.

Anonymous said...

I voted and I'm proud. You cannot stop the force of democracy with your misdirections.

Mustang said...

Is that you, Duque?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. The poll is tainted. Indeed, the entire hard-fought foundation of blog polling responsibility and accountability is now suspect. Years of work down the toilet. A damn shame. Not even Jimmy Carter could fix this now.

el duque said...

He's still listed on the web site.

I say, if he's listed on the web site, he's an employee.

And he's done great work over the years. Have you got something against massage therapy? It's not the way you remember it, SuperFrankenstein.


Jim Leyritz's Cellmate said...

Bush league.

Appeals Court Judge Alph said...

I have to disregard SUPERFRANK's argument in this instance, because it relies on attempted and clearly disingenuous slander.

There is nothing diminishing about being a binge drinker, as SUPERFRANK should be well aware.

I have built my career and reputation on same.

As such, and in conclusion, I am on Duque's side here. Anyone who once wore the pinstripes, even metaphorically, can be candidate for Yankee of the month.

Personally, I would only massage the player's wives, if given the opportunity.

But each to his own profession.