Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Better than Sergio Mitre!" Brad Penny revels in latest accolades

We're proud to be the last site on the Internet to report the Yankees rumored interest in former future Redsock hero Brad Penny.

It's hard to imagine the knee-buckling pride this former future Redsock legend must feel, hearing bloggers across the Yankiverse pronounce him "better than Mitre."

Who knows, maybe Penny can come to the Yankees and meet the human limbo pole of excellence, soothing the pain that Sergio surely feel when he hears that Brad is "better than Mitre."

And we haven't had a Boggs-Clemens lately: A former Redsock win a ring in Pinstripes.

Either way, this is the new bar we at IIH are setting. We might not get it right. We might not be funny. We might post the equivalent of a 1-inning, 8-run outing... but we demand that our work be "better than Mitre!"

Remember, we are IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS caught, driven by Jeep, and better than Mitre!

And congratulations, Brad!


Kiko Jones said...

Yeah, well, Mitre is pitching a gem today in the Bronx. Flirted with a perfect/no-no, even.

Rarn said...

what happened with Mitre today? I am so confused????

Anonymous said...

Got hit by a ball that left a nasty bruise.

dadlak said...

You guys will have to be WAY funnier to be better than Mitre was today.

Anonymous said...

Brad Penny is better suited to help a team like the Marlins...Who will the Yankees pull from the rotation? Giants don't need him, they have pitching, they need offense...If anyone needs pitching is Florida. Nolasco and Johnson can't do it alone!!