Monday, August 24, 2009

"Small Market Sox?:" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Let this, from the Boston Dirt Dogs, remind us all
of why we became Yankee fans.

"Smackdown Big Apple Payroll 8
Small Market Sox 4"

From now on, to me, they shall
always be
the "Small Market Sox."

Update: Hahahahahahaha.


Faiaz said...

THANK GOODNESS YOU SAW THIS AND POSTED IT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. I wanted to post something on their site but I don't think that you can post there. They're pathetic.

Whitey Fraud said...

All is not well in redsock region.

Crazy Yankee Chick said...

I saw that too!! But after my initial qwe02934o2ejioq26???? reaction...I seriously just was thinking to myself "Ok, you're a dumbass, they're obviously kidding here. Right? Gotta be sarcasm, there's no way even Boston fans could try to trot that one out."

But then I remembered some things I learned while while dating one, and realized that they're always being serious about this stuff. Usually the more ludicrous the claim, the more adamant their defense of it. (ie, Yankees suck)

Unknown said...

Just want to echo the other posts...
Saw it this morning, made me laugh all day.
Seriously? Who writes this?
Crapelbon's publicist?
Got to be the same guy who told Ol'Pickle Lips he should close the All Star Game last year since he's better than Mariano.
Oh, I have to stop laughing. I'm going to wake up my kids..
Small Market! SMALL MARKET!!

Rarn said...

I just assumed it was self-deprecating irony. right?

BernBabyBern said...

A great activity for the family:

Say the words "self-deprecating irony" to a redsock fan and check out the blank stare you get back.

Unknown said...

Say "self-deprecating irony" to a RedSawks fan and 1 of three things will happen:

1. The Blank Stayah
2. They shout "Troy O'Leary!" repeatedly, Tourette's Syndrome style
3. Dan Shaughnessy jumps out from behind a bush with a framed photo of Peter Gammons.