Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sometimes A Guy Gets Lucky

No that that way.  

I mean, it happens, but not to me anymore.

So, I'll take what's offered....meaning;  with Cano up in the bottom of the 10th, two men on base, I offered 4-1 odds he ends the inning.  

No takers by that time.  I was on a roll.

Lucky for me.


Anonymous said...

haha you faggot piece of shit anti-Yankee fan, alph. CANO IS KING

Anonymous said...

Actually Cano is extreamly unlucky with balls put in play in that situation this year.

But you dont know what youre talking about.

What do you think Hughes in the 7th Joba 8th Montero 9th?

Anonymous said...

Technically, he did end the inning, so you would've won that bet as well.